Photodiode BPW34

Photodiode PIN, water-clear, 50μA, square, RoHS

l=950nm, UR=60V, light current IL=50µA at UR=5V and Ee=1mW/cm2, dark current 2nA at UR10V and Ee=0mW/cm2, angle of half sensitivity: ±65°


The BPW34 is a high speed and high sensitive PIN

photodiode in a miniature flat plastic package. Its top

view construction makes it ideal as a low cost replacement

of TO-5 devices in many applications.

Due to its waterclear epoxy the device is sensitive to

visible and infrared radiation. The large active area

combined with a flat case gives a high sensitivity at a

wide viewing angle.


Large radiant sensitive area (A = 7.5 mm2)

Wide angle of half sensitivity ϕ = ± 65 °

High photo sensitivity

Fast response times

Small junction capacitance

Suitable for visible and near infrared radiation

Lead-free device


Photodiode  BPW34

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